Quotes added on Thursday, October 19 2006

She's been torn and broken. She's been played with, but she doesn't even care. All she thinks about is how to make him <3 her again. She'll take a chance and she won't stop till she gets him back. </3
Me: can you help me with sumthing
Him: yea sure what is it?
Me:well i like this gUy and hes really sweet and nice and......
Him:(stiping her from talking)wait do i kno him??
Me:well yea i gues you could say that...
Him:welll who is he...
Me: its yooh??♥
Him: really.......
Me: yea is there sum thing wrong
Him:no not really just thiking?????
My mom told me i should be more active in sports....
soo...i screwed the football team! <3
Live each day with a dream and a dollar.
My only friends in this world are strangers
they dont know me well enough
...to put my heart in danger...
Once more you tell those lies, to me
Why can't you just be straight up with honesty?
When you say those things in my ear, why do you always tell me what you wanna hear?
You want to know what makes me
love you more than I loved him?
It's cause when he got me I was perfectly unused,
I was fearless & a hopeless romantic.
When you got me I was battered & bruised,
afraid of the world, & cynical about love..
yet you didn't leave. <3
he gets her out of bed in the morning, drags her to school, pulls her through her classes, brightens up her day & he doesnt even know he does it
&& she was just another pretty picture.
The things he broke:
1.) her heart
2.) her spirit
3.) her mind
4.) her will to live
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