Quotes added on Saturday, October 21 2006

your tender smile gives me happy
thoughts of you,
Got me so close to my dreams
now they have come true.
and when we touch our hearts
move at a steady pace
I'm trying hard not to show the
blushin over my face. <3
one touch can bring us closer
dont want this to be over
you know that you complete me
your love is what i need
dont rush to see you leaving
stay with me while im sleeping
cause you know what you do to me
im weak and you know my heart is b e a t i n g...
dream a dream of our life story
i will tell it over and again
i'll tell the world just how you got that
let me kiss your index finger
i' ll point out how you've made me crazy
i know i'd do it all the same way<3
In the shower with my rubber ducky.
i think part of the reason why we
hold on to something so tight for so
long is because, we fear something so great...
wont happen twice.
   |\     __  
   | |   |--|        __ 
   |/    |  |       |~' 
  /|_   () ()  __   | 
 //| \        |--| () 
| \|_ |       |  | 
 \_|_/       () () 
a jerk of the wheel and
we'll just see how cold
november water really is. <3
 D ) _ _| D ) 
|_D_) D )_D_) 
If your scared just count to ten
the boggieman will his again
If your scared just count to 8
the boogieman will stay and wait
If your scared just count to 5
if practice makes perfect, and nobodys perfect, then why practice?

i gotta go figure this out brb

100% mine dont take!
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