Quotes added on Monday, October 23 2006

He longs to hold her tight. He'd wanna give her those extra long hugs from the back. and the sweet random kisses. He'd want to call her up everyday and talk about the silliest things you could ever imagine. He'd love her for the rest of his life.
but she doesn't know that guy.

she only knows him as her BESTFRIEND.
and nothing else. </3
i've been waiting for that HELLO to come around.
as a matter of fact, i've been waiting for so long now. you gave it away. and i realized that was all you were gonna give me. Not your kisses. or even your love. Stupid of me to think that way, that was all i ever wanted in the first place, for you to say HELLO. nothing more. </3
sometimes, i scribble down hearts on my paper.
with your name and mine. it's actually a fun thing to do. just staring at it for minutes and thinking, hey, it could be possible right? <3
He's leaving for good.
And he's never coming back.
He got my hopes up. False hope i guess.
and now he's happy, he won't have to deal
with me anymore. he won't have to deal with the girl who gets the heartaches. He won't. but he's going to miss me. i swear, he will. </3

for someone.
you say i'm yours. and i say you're mine. and it's funny how we believe in eachother. how we'd like to FALL, and PRETEND that it's all good. and say how perfect we are for one another. you say you love me and i do too. and it's funny how we could go on our whole lives, doing this, believing in eachother's lies, thinking it's gonna last. When to start with, it was'nt even REAL. <3
so i'm a girl.
a really confused one.
i like this guy.
i like this guy.
Yes. there ARE two of them.
i don't know what to do.
who to choose.
who to be with.
He's just too good to be true.
and i can't just let HIM go.
i meant the second one.
it's confusing i know!
help me decide will you?

i made a decision.
i choose the new guy.<3
Silly girl, for breaking your heart. for making you think it'd last. and for leaving you with nothing but little lies.

Silly girl, she doesn't know what's she's missing. Probably, she never will.

Silly girl, she left you for that older guy. we all know how much of a player he is. and how he breaks little girl's <3's.

Silly girl, now it's her turn. she'll come running after you when it's too late. when you've gotten over her and everything that's ever happened between you.

Silly, silly girl. <3
i've got these confessions to make.

i just hate watching you leave.
you know how i hate the fact that you had to?
and i hate thinking,
if you ever did plan on calling me or not.
It bothers me, the thought of you.
and how you're doing.
I hate you for being so far away.
and for promising we'd be back together.
i hate you for leaving.
and i hate myself for not being able to
make you stay. </3

so indie.
She walked to school witrh her luch she packed
no body knows what shes holding back wearinf the burder of a secert storm sumtimes she wishes she was never born
love is like a rose in the sun sumtime siome place it will never die but if that rose is fake then your love will never die
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