Quotes added on Monday, October 30 2006

I love...
the way you hold me
the way you smile wen i kiss you
the way you hold me tight
and the way you tell me you love me
mostly i jus love you
real friends tell you that you can do better
true friends tell you let him go he aint nothing
Best friends are there at three in the morning with you prank calling him telling him he is goin to die in seven dayz...

which one are you??
to the left
to the left
everything you own in a box to the left
in the closet thats my stuff if i bought it plz dont touch
you must not kno bout me i can have another you in a minute matterfact he'll be here in a minute so dont you ever for a second get to thinkin your irreplaceable...
Your name is the only one
That makes me draw
All over my paper.
Ask anyone „Z
whenever you¡¦re name comes up
in a conversation, my eyes
sparkle && my smile shines

[[I t h i n k I l o v e y o u]]
A c h a m p i o n is some one who gets <up>
Even when they <can’t> XoOoX
For all of you who say
Their true love makes the sun shine…
 You’ve obviously never danced
I .n. t .h. e .r. a .i. n.
Were the kinds of friends that kill each other
over a handful of popcorn or candy and don’t
say sorry; we say Ha, Ha, sucker!!!
Cuz together we party ---> [together we cry] kept every single s e c r e t . && covered every lie.... cuz were best friends for life
| [t i l l „P t h e „Pd a y „P we „P d I e ]|
Girls like us don't come around too often ...your
going to LoVe us or hAtE us, but either way you’re
wasting your time…because you can't bEaT us. &&
you sure as heck can't jOiN us... -love you girls*
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