Quotes added on Thursday, November 2 2006

I love you but cant tell you…

I need to no what “in love” feels like…

Why? Is it so hard to say “I love you”

If I was dying would you come to my rescue…

If you loved me would you tell me?

If I said I loved you what would you say…

If I said I loved you would you say the same…

I hart you more then a fat kid harts cake…

You && me should be together

All I ever asked for was love…

I wish you loved me back

Do you enjoy getting hurt…

What’s your name? Are you out there? Will I find you? Will you love me too?
[[True love]]

Friends 4 EVA

Just the friend never the girl

When im lost only you can help me

Why you making this hard?
That’s why cry myself to sleep…

Must I cry everyday???
Why do you give up so quick?
You never let me take you in my room
and show you the way i ride

<3. all mine
Lets hold hands like no ones watching
kiss like no one knows
and make love like the whole world revolves around us
So tell me why you chose her over me
here's to kids who are different
kids who dont always get A's
Kids who have ears
twice the size of their peers
and noses that go on for days

Here's to the kids who are different
kids who they call crazy or dumb,
kids who dont fit
with the guts and the grit
who dance to a different drum

Heres to the kids who are different
kids with a mischevious streak
for when they have grown
a history has shown....
its their difference that makes them unique
~chicken soup for the teenage soul~
Cant you feel

My heart beat slow

I cant let you go

i want you in my life ... u.k.w.u.r. <3
Me && My Friends
are always in the SPOTLIGHT
no madder where we are
In the day or in the NIGHT
We always have fun
that will never change
I love them a whole lot
Even if they give me FRIGHT
A love great once lost...cuz I thought you cared
All she ever wanted to hear
was the words i love you
whispered in her ear
being appreciated was lond overdue

she spent long nights drying
because no one seemed to care
Inside, so quickly, she was dying
but never were her feelings shared

bottle inside her for so long
anger, rage, and complete despair
never did anyone guess something was wrong
or maybe they did, they just didnt care

so late one night
her in her room, with only a knife
tears in her eyes
she screamed with all her might

as the color drained slowly from her face
she dug the knife further still
maybe now she'd find her place
maybe now she'd find the real deal

The last of her blood trickled down
while staining the snow white floor
her arm said "will u love me now"
and with that, she left no more

by: maria threadgill
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