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lifes a garden dig it!
i hate copy cats.............
"dump that zero and go out with a hero like ****!"

I guess even sharpies dont last forever......


everything in century gothic
-sharpies black and bolded
-forever underlined and hot pink
-everything else gray
TIP: if you are laughing at somebody who fell of their chair, in school, dont fall off your chair too.

lol stefan
i thought we had something special, i guess i was wrong, u said u loved me and i was the only one. then all of a sudden my nightmare came true u found another girl too. u said u liked her bc she was older but that we could still be friends until we grow older, and come to find out your best friends are suppose to be there for u but the gurl he was talking about...was her.. then what do u so?? sit and cry? well ive been there it dosent help bc when i see them i cant help but to think?? when your best friend says they are their no matter what..then in a lie they are caught..some now i think what i will do is keep on loving him all the way through..even though it hurts and sometimes i still cry but most of all i wish it was a lie..
Tip; if you are in school and u are laughing at someone who fell of their chair, dont fall of yours too.

lol stefan
He's the one. the only problem is we're best friends. i see him with other girls, give my opinion, help him when theyve hurt him, and thats all im good for. i will never be the one to be with him. im always going to be the one find someone else. but i guess i'll have to settle for that because not talking to him at all would kill me.
i saw him there
with outsretched hands.
my head told my feet to run,
but my heart told them not to.
my heart is the controller. my head is
just there to look pretty.
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