Quotes added on Sunday, November 5 2006

&&&& 2 think i lost him over nothing && now all i want is 2 have him backk
              l 0 0 l
              l  o  l
              l wmw l
              lllllll  A AWESOME DUDE
you know how some schools say not to wear your halloween costume to school....
well why do people break that rule by wearing their mask?

<make it cute>
i l
i lo
i love
i love y
i love yo
i love you
I called your boyfriend gay....
and he hit me with his....
*~<3Dreamz arent real
because if they were
i would have you
in the flick of my


bold dreamz and real and flick wrist
and put it wit pretty colors

copy if you have any problems just i m me !
she twirls her hair,
tossing it sexily over her shoulder,
just to see if he'll notice
she looks out the corner of her eye
to see if hes looking back
&& she wonders if he'll ever realize
the girl is c r a z y about him<33
I alwayz thought i couldnt love again
I alwayz thought my heart wouldnt mend
I alwayz thought they were all tha same
Until I met Derick, who dont play those gamez

I alwayz thought i wouldnt find tha right one
for me
Until I met Derick and finally opened my eyez to

I alwayz though I would be lonely forever
Until I met Derick, now i will be lonely never

I alwayz thought fairy talez were not true
Until I met Derick and he made me feel so new

I alwayz thought nothin good would come my way
Until i met Derick & itz been great since that one special day!!!

love alwayz,
~*~I Never What Love Really Waz Until I Met You~*~
I do try; it's not like I don't- I drop little hints everyday, you kno like smile at him for no reason or laugh extra hard at his jokes, but he still doesn't kno how much I love him.
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