Quotes added on Monday, November 6 2006

i see a girl who has been through so much yet still finds a way to smile at the past. she understands that people change && everything can't always go her way. she hates arguing but she finds ways to deal with it. she hates being lonely & the only thing she wants is to be happy. thats just her <3
nothing more, nothing less
cheerleaders r in it to win it
nothing can stop us
not just anyone can be a cheerleader
but u know u wanna be one of us
if u think that cheerleading isnt a sport
pshh u
try it for a week
and if u dont no this.....
cheerleaders r the only people who can fly
tumbling isnt just doing a roll
jumping isnt just juming up and down
clean isnt going to take a shower
a toe tuch isnt just touching ur toes
.........ur not a cheerleader
cheerleading is life...
the rest is just details

make it pretty<3
the day we met i thought there was sumthing about you i knew that you liked me but to this day i don't under stand why you d and to this day i still can't get you out of my head????

really happend to me
That's when you know he's rele special: when he'll say anything to protect you.
You grab my hands, spin my around and right before I fall, You catch me and you say baby it'll be okaii...just look into my eyes and we will make another day!

-Step Up
from the Step Up soundtrack
I'm so sick of love songs
So tired of tears
So done with wishing you were still here
Said I'm so sick of love songs so sad and slow,
But why can't I turn off the radio?

-So Sick by Ne-yo
This emptiness is killin me;
I'm wondering why I've waited so long;
Looking bac I realize it was always there just never spoken;
Im waiting HERE
Been waiting HERE <3<3

-Just so you know
by Jesse McCartney
All I want is a boy that makes me laugh when I don't even wanna smile, a boy that makes me get butterflies in my stomach whenver I see him, a boy that actually loves me.
<3Thats all i want<3
the hardest thing i will ever have to do is watch him love her

!!! i love you dustin !!!
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