Quotes added on Monday, November 6 2006

i love you
you love me
i want him
and he wants me
i'm with you
he's with her
i could have you or him
he could have her or me
i love you more
he loves me more
i want him
and he wants me
but i'm with you
and he's with her

if it were'nt for them losers
i might accually be normal
what would i do without you ppl

times were spent
friends were lost
we had fun
but never enuff
we walk around town
till 11 at night
mostly having fun
completely out of sight

being with the ones you love
we are all our own family
best friends
and boyfriends
"moms" "dads"
"brothers" "sisters"
me, you, he, she,
the misses and the misters
"sons" "daughters"
all true best friends

none of us related
though it seems that way
together forever
never far away

next time you are hurt
just remember we are here
we will not give up
till we hear your laughter of cheer

love you guys*ykwya*

i live my own "trail of tears"

i'm living on a broken road that leads nowhere


Do you remember that game "telephone" when
one person would say something and by
the end of the game it was totally different?

(make everything black then welcome to middle school light colors)
I always thought that boy knew EVERYTHING;; but one thing he doesnt know is how big of a mistake he made not choosing ME <3
>>You have no idea;
so just open your eyes,
-and you will see-
*its just the little things*
you say and do
that make me love you\\
that much more x33
i won't be made useless
i won't be idle with despair
i will gather myself around my faith
for light does the darkness most fear
i don't know why
i fall for him
over && over

im me for edits!
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