Quotes added on Tuesday, November 7 2006

she likes the fact that he's so vulnerable. she likes how she makes him laugh with her stupid jokes.
she likes it that he's all over her.
and she just loves how he sticks around.

it's sad how he falls for her all the time.
poor boy, he's so inlove. <3
so he's there, hanging around.
and she's there too.
she can't help it.
she wants to be with him and she can't wait.
she asked him. but he said no.
now she's there, hurting.
and he's STILL there, hanging around. </3
and it's so sad.
how he makes her fall for him.
it's sad, that when she calls.
he's not answering.

it's sad. she wants to get back with him,
really bad. she tries so hard, still she can't understand. and what's even more sad is that he does'nt care a single bit. </3
i hate how he doesn't care.
how he pretends im not there.
i hate how he loves to hook up me only to find out he's got no one else to hook-up with.
i hate how he notices me, only when he wants to.
i hate how he compliments me, only to find out he's got nothing else to say.

i SO hate being that girl, but i always end up being her. </3
We all know he's not worth thinking of. </3
do me a favor and stfu.
i'm so fed up with your lies.
i don't wanna hear anything from you.
and i don't ever wan't you crossing my mind.

So stop being so nice and perfect and all that,
will you?
and i know somewhere,
and somehow.
i screwed up a bit.
yes, i did. but i'm sorry.
don't blame me.
why are we falling out?
now you tell me.
*till death do us part you'll always be the lovee of my life and my babiboi!*
ever since the first time i saw you.
i knew i'd never get sick of you.
maybe not right away.
something told me, you were different
from the other boys.
and up until now, you still are.
well yeah. you ALWAYS were. <3
I THOUGHT we were right becuase
it felt right when you kissed me
it felt right when you held my hand
it felt right comming home to see YOU
but i KNEW we were right because
i could come over in sweatpants and a hoodie and you would look at me the same exact way,
but i guess it wasn't right ,
becuase you ended the *magic* for the both of us.
im not mad ,
you had to have had a good reason
& i trust your judgement
but i just wanna tell you one thing before i go ..
No matter who i am with now .. they could never compare to you &
No matter what i hav ewith them now, it could NEVER compare to what we had becuase well ...
i woudl kill to get what we had , bak
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