Quotes added on Thursday, November 9 2006

~your like a drug im addicted to you~
Boys are like highways

......I wanna ride them all night long

make it cute =]
a friend would sit with u while ur on crutches but a best friend would knock them out from under u, watch u fall backwards, and then say "dang, i wish we had got that on videotape"

lol...thanks megg...love you too
I feel you creepin' I can see you from my shadow
Wanna jump up in my Lamborghini Gallardo
Maybe go to my place and just kick it like Taebo
And possibly bend you over
Look back and watch me
smack that all on the floor
smack that give me some more
smack that 'till you get sore
smack that oooooh
smack that all on the floor
smack that give me some more
smack that 'till you get sore
smack that oooooh
vulnerable-- secondhand senerade

i was born to tell u i love u
isnt that a song already
i get a "b" in originality
and its tru i cant go on without u
ur smile makes me see clearer
if u could only see in the mirror
what i see

and ur slow shaking fingertips show
that u're scared like me so
lets pretend we're alone
and i kno u may be scared
and i kno we're unprepared
but i dont care
tell me, tell me
what makes u think that u r invincible
i can see it in ur eyes that u're so sure
please dont tell me that im the only one thats vulnerable
yo mamma so stupid
she tried to strangle herself with a cordless phone!
one day a old lady wanted to call her neighbor, she had a major mental promblem and needed her asistence right away! but she did not have her neighbors phone number...
the old lady walked over to the neighbors house, asked for the number, and walked back home as fast as she could....
she quick picked up the phone and called her neighbor using the number she had gotten....
If you only knew the pain,
The pain I keep inside.
when life gives you a hundred
reasons to cry, show it a thousand
r e a s o n s to s m i l e .
all she ever wanted;
was a boy who cared. </3
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