Quotes added on Friday, November 10 2006

u kno its love when ur up at 5 in the morning
talking to him about absolutely nothing
but listening to each other breathe
and living to hear the others voice
thats exactly how me and my babii role

love ya
♥ xox maria xox ♥
In a lifetime.....
You may have 100 Billions Friends.....
You may have 50 Billions of 'Guy Friends.....
But You really Have only a Couple True Friends.....
FaceIt without blOnDeS in the world, there would be no such thing as BloNdeMomeNts, and without BloNdEmOmEntS we would never laugh,, && life without laughing has no meaning...so don't make fun of us we are just trying to save YOUR life
©©I Love You©©

it will look better when you copy and paste it!!
i'll love you when i'm legal.
{{Victum}} of a BrOkEn HeArT
&& and you Commited The <<crime>>
"Without Suffering there would be no compassion" Jamie from "A Walk to Remember"
Im sick of knowing friends are all we will be.
Im sick of being this miserable heart broken teenage girl i am.
Im lost and lonely.
Searching for something that i will never find,
Well maybe ive found it,
but ive lost it once again and will never get it back.
Im sick of missing everything that i once had.
i sit alone tonite thinking about you.
Knowing not a day goes on that i dont think about you
but not a day goes on that you think of me.
You told me not to give up and i didnt,
you told me you loved me even though u didnt,
I hant given up bc of you,
but now bc of you, i am,and for good.
so dont pass me in the hallways and look into my eyes.
dont bother to ask me if im alrite
i hadnt given up bc of you.
i kept myself believing a lie that i knew would ever actually work out
crying wont make you love me
but its all i no
living in this lonely world so lost without you
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