Quotes added on Friday, November 24 2006

Youre Just A Little Bit More
Than '|[ AMAZiNG ]|
You Know itsz Meant To 'Be
When .. Even The Times You
Cant Stand Him Hes The 0nly
Person 0n Your Mind x|o
He Actsz Like He Doesnt Care
But We All Know Hesz Fallinq
Apart At Her' Gorgeous Smile
Without Trust.. There is No Love
`xo Moulin Rouge
She Hasnt Looked At Another
Boy The Same Way..Not Since
She Met Him x||o
+ Hesz Got The Smile i Fell in Love With
&& The Arms i Wanna Be Held in Forever
All 0f The Best Love Stories Have
0ne Thinq in Common..YuHave`To
Go Aqainst All 0dds*To Get There
&& You 'Will ALwaysz Be My
Heartsz Stronqest Weakness
++ Everytime i Kissz You
i Can Taste The Liesz
" im friends witha lot of guysz i
have girlfriends too,`but for the
most part im friendswith guysz
because girlsz are `kind of
backstabbinq " *Paris Hilton
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