Quotes added on Monday, November 27 2006

Tickle Me pink sweet lips i think
red rose who knows
black lets me kiss you back....
His words were lovely
yet dark and deep
like a song sinking
benith the willow trees
his words are a dream of hope
for me, a dream of being found
so i wont float away
so i'll stay here on ground
I loved you once
I loved you twice
Oh God, three times would be nice....
I kept waiting and waiting
but you didnt come
i was left alone
as crys and voices
swirled in my head
i pulled out the gun
they were afrid i'd shoot someone
as i pulled the gun to my head
a mighty wail of prayers hit me
i pulled the trigger
as my blood spilled
on the sidewalk where i lay
you came out of the crowd stairing
with grife and disbelife
then you walk away
and i was alone once more
Baby, baby, baby
If you really want me
Honey get some patience
Maybe then you'll get a taste
I'll be tasty, tasty, I'll be laced with lacey
It's so tasty, tasty, It'll make you crazy

T to the A to the S T E Y girl you tasty, T to the A to the S T E Y girl you tasty
D to the E to the L I C I O U S

girl: have u ever wanted to love someone like they love in the movies?
boy: no
girl: y not?
boy: beucase i already love someone like they do in the movies

this really was a convo between me and my boyfriend...hes now my ex boyfriend...
There’s only you in my mind and
I never want to leave your side
It feels right so lets stay together
I’ll never feel alone again boy
’cause your love makes me feel so secure

because of love...janet jackson
dont ya know dont ya know what happened to me to me dont ya see dont ya see this aint a fantasy no fantasy i didnt mean to make it this way oh ya this way heyhey i didnt to make u cry and die inside so dont tell me anymore lies

<3 a dance song made Lilly Laurens the lyrics are horrible but theyll be better if u heard the song
Its sad when the boy you love plays with your heart...and he doesn't even realize it.
to all u cheerleaders out there..
its not a sport. so get over it.
all you do is kick ur legs in the air say "go team go " or w.e. do sum flips. yeah thats not a sport.
in sports you get in the dirt and not care about breaking a nail! who cares. and u may think
o well we compete too. yea in little dance off things. you dont work nearly as hard as soccer,hockey,softball/baseball,football,track,lacross,swimming, etc. ..
so shuve it!
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