Quotes added on Monday, November 27 2006

If i was away, why would you send me something. I'm not going to respond to you.

i think your cutee.

(( wicked cute edits ))
We walk down the streets like their runways,
we act like morons in public,
we will spend the whole vacation together,

and we will watch you be jealous of us.

(( omg wicked cute edits. im me for them ))
The three best letter of the word L aree.


.. cute edits<3
It's the greatest time of year,
and its here so help me celebrate it,
with everybody here, friends so dear,
just let me simply state it,

[[[ the edits are amazing ]]]
Dear Santa,
I don't think you can fit h i m in your bag.

[[ cute edits !!!! x3 ]]
Band-aids can cover up the boo-boo ..

but they cant cover up the pain inside.</3

[[ amazing edits <3 haha ]]
Google said you could find anything on there..

but they didnt have any results for true love.

[[ WICKED cute eidts ]]
The reason i go to school...

is to be with youu.
with s i x millin people in this world - - - >

i will still be happy with only || you ||
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