Quotes added on Monday, November 27 2006

Its ok its alright
I got something that you dont like!!!
the tears start to come but then i remember who he is and isn¡¯t worth them (¡°if you loved her then why¡¯d you make her cry?¡± Gary Allen) but then i remember the golden times when we were alone in our own little world and i begin to cry watch the water fall from my eyes cause it`s falling for you just like how I .f.e.l.l. for ¢¾you¢¾
My mommy says I’m not allowed to cross the street (unless) I hold someone’s hand…can I hold yours?
Do you see love at first sight? Cause I do
I know I’m not your first and I’m sure I wont be your last but I could be your right :::now:::
sweeechx3;; got somethingg to say to you .. im sorry and im not tryin to be mean buh comee on! peopLe who go around saying that cheer and dance and w.e arent sports well they are ! you go out there & do what we doo and i know your sports aint easy either.. ive done soccer and soft ball and now cheer and all of them are hard so really everyones gotta stop with that thanks !

si elite cheerleaders goin to first<3
Cheyaaaa……. *We* put the ~/*/ZING/*/~
Into ah-may-zing
How come when you italize something, it always italicizes to the right?
There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure- Coach
Tell me the truth: did you ever love me? - Lindsay Lohan
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