Quotes added on Wednesday, November 29 2006

When you are with that special person nd' u look into his eyes....nd' he looks bac and all you can do is smile...nd' he has a look on his face you never seen...nd' that one look makes you feel like you are flying....thats what love really is!!
n o w t h a t s s o m e t h i n g
yes, ill admit it;
when theres a good song on the radio ill start to dance && yes, the neighbors do shut their curtains in fright

good - boldd
&& - bold
fright - strike through
the boy & the girl were online chatting]
boy: So..have you ever been in love?
girl: of course, i mean love is so hard, you know
boy: how is it hard?
girl: well, when you love someone, sometimes they just don't love you back.
boy: is that what your feeling right now?
girl: haha no [she lied]
boy: ohh..well, i gotta go bye [he lied]
girl: okay bye
[the boy signed off, but he really didn't sign off, he was invisible, but the girl thought he really did signed off]
girl: [she sighed & one tear went down on her face..but then she typed]..i love you..
[then the boy typed] i love you, too

boy girl ( all ) - boldd
i love you - italicss
i love you too - italicss
i never liked the rain ;;
till i walked through it with you

never - strike through
rain - italicss
walked - bold and underlineee
You might just think of me as some girl,
But I just want you to know
That I'm that one girl who took one look at you
And fell harder than I ever fell in my whole life

some girl - bold
harder - italicss
Love is giving someone the
power to destroy you, but
trusting them not to

love - italicss
trustingg - bold
I look at you & see something magical,
so amazing that makes me fall for you
over & over again. I look at you
& see something so tempting that
makes me want you even more. I look
at you & see something I can't be without.

magical - italicss and pink
over & over - bold
i cant be without - bold
their my crazy weirdos in a mental home ;;
their my orange juice in the morning ;;
their my cream cheese on my bagel ;;
their the losers i call my bestfriends
If I talk and laugh too loud ;;
It's because I'm trying to forget that I'm sad

talk - bold
loud - bold
trying - bold
sad - bold
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