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remember a peach is a peach a plum is a plum a kiss isn't a kiss without some tongue so open your mouth and close your eyes and give your tongue some exerise!! lol
We Should Have NEVER Gotten Together In The First Place Because Then You Couldnt Have Broken My Heart In The END.
&&No matter how hard she tries
she will never love you the way i do ♥
i`ve learned that good-byes will always hurt.
pictures never replace having been there.
memories ... good or bad will bring tears
and words can never replace feelings
Could we avoid this disaster
can we get back to the days when
we laughed,held eachother?
when it seemed so right just to call you my lover
When we laughed when we cuddled
When you were my world
and the world ment nothing
can we avoid thi disaster?
can we get back to the days of old?

100 % MY DADS SONG dont take credit
but you can use it of course<33
Could we avoid this disaster- arial bold
the rest just IM me for on p0p ur colur x33
thnks <33
If tomorrow never comes for me, would it make you cry?
Would people see tears within your eyes?
Would the world seem more special and new?
Would i suddenly mean something more to you?
If you passed on a chance to tell me how you feel....
Would a wound produce, and would it ever heal?
Would you erase the fault and begin from the start?
Or would the wound still be within your heart?
If the sun never appeared to my eyes again...
Would you feel my sorrow? Would you feel my pain?
Would you treasure every second or every sunrise?
Would it bring back memories of your favorite dark brown eyes?
If the answer is "no' to all the above,
Then i guess i was wrong; it's not true love.
I guess you dont miss me; I guess you don't care,
But please remember that I'll always be there.
you gotta take the good with the bad
smile with the sad, love what u got & remember what you had, learn to forgive, but never forget, learn from your mistakes, but never regret,* people change, things go wrong,
just remeber, that life goes on....

Im me for the wicked cute edits it comes with hearts and stuff
you know you like her x
would it kill you to admit it? x
maybe treat her half decent? x
she deserves it, you know x
she wont wait around forever x
and you will regret it x

IM me for the editzz p0p ur colur x33
<center>b e s t f r i e n d s
are the ones who that when you act <b>stupid </b>they still <i>love </i>you
when you make a mistake they are still there for y o u

when they are mad at you they come back b.e they are t r u e f r i e n d s
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