Quotes added on Saturday, December 2 2006

And sometimes... its waiting;
[waiting] until the moment
When you see the empty hole in the puzzle, of your life, to fill in the gap
with another perfect moment, & a [perfect piece]
Why rush? And try to stuff your pieces
together? Because in life... it can't be
a perfect puzzle, but its anything better
than the broken pieces you'll have to pick up.

T r u e l o v e will W a i t
thee if in life

((if is in script font))
and make the life big
When all my dreams come true,
your the one I want standing
next to me. It's you.
-- One Tree Hill
we all need a little help sometimes-
someone to helps us hear the music
in their world, to remind us that
it won't always be this way. That
someone is out there.
And that someone will find you.
-- One Tree Hill
*Can I have a*
*p i c*
*Of you so I can show*
*S a n t a*
What I want for
*x - m a s*

Fate is an [[elegant]]cold--hearted .w.h.o.r.e.
no one could color my world..
as beautifully as you do <3
How sweet of you-darling--Your said .s.o.r.r.y. as you proceeded to tear my [[heart-apart]]
it's in his arms;; where i find everything i could ever ask for ; & in his eyes.. where we wil always be together forever.
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