Quotes added on Thursday, December 7 2006

the walls of ur love are closing in but for some reason i dont wanna leave
if you believe something is meant to be
give it time and let it happen.
live the life you want to live.
be the person you would be
proud of. make decisions. make
mistakes. and if you fall, you fell
because you tried. no regrets.
Do whatever makes you happy, bacause in
the end, you're the only one who is
guaranteed to be there.
far away. cant break up a
friendship like this.
because you never know how
absolutely perfect something
could be.
The Walls Start Breathing;;
My Mind's Unweaving;;
Maybe It's Best You Leave Me Alone;;
The Weight Is Lifted On This Evening;;
I'll Give The Final Blow.<3

- "It Ends Tonight" - All-American Rejects
Our Days Were Numbered, By Nights;;
On To Many Rooftops;;
They Said We Burned So Bright,
We Burn This City And Go.<3

- "Burn This City" - Cartel
Stay Up All Night && Sleep All Day;;
We Were Smart Kids With To Much To See;;
We Were So So Sure That They Were Missing Out;;
They Were The Ones Who Were Missing Out.<3

- "Burn This City" - Cartel
Pin Your Wings Down;
If It's Over Now;
Pin Your Winds Down;
Or Just Take A Chance Somehow;
I'll Take The Blame, If You'll Take Me Home Now.<3

- "Pin Your Wings" - Copeland
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