Quotes added on Friday, December 8 2006

Should i wear my heart on my back so you can watch it break as i walk away?
if you can't get someone out of your head
maybe their suppose to be there..
I LOVE YOU! but why cant you see that
we were SO meant for each other
who cares what other people say
we love each other
thats all that counts.
ONE DAY we'll be together
even if i have to
cross the oceans
reach skies limit
or simply say
it will happen =)
&& id DIE for one last touch
people would do anything to tear us apart
but it wont happen becuase
the love that we have for eac other is so strong
we are like bricks
lets see them try and tear a brick =)))
people dont think we should be togethyer
but i say we make them jealous
&& stay together [forever]
open your eyes boy
shes in [LOVE] with you!
&& right now your the ONLY thing that matters
who cares what other people [say] or [think]
we are in ---->love<---
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