Quotes added on Friday, December 8 2006

what the heck
lets fall in
oHh its what you do to me <33
&& your smile just brightens up my world
im soooo sick and tired of people saying cheerleading aint a sport well hunnies listen up
first things first
- you dont break nails because you cant wear them becuase you lift girls in the air
-you do get dirty in cheerleading from the HOURS of practice a week
- we work jsut as hard as you guys do maybe even a little harder
-we lift girls the same weight as us
- you have to be strong
- one wrong move while your lifting someone could be fatal
one wrong move in softball or baseball loses a game BIG WOOP
- competions are HUGEEE .. you try doing tripal lay outs and back tucks without falling on your face
- you try lifting someone and do crazy stunts ..
that takes months of practice
-our sport is year round
not that your sports which is one season
yeah we kick our legs up and say "go team go" but thats jsut as games.. you come to a competion and see if you think the same way..
heres a link
go look


have a GREAT DAY
nobody has my heart like you,
yes you have broken it at times,
but you are the only one who can reassemble it
and make it all fine.
Maybe one day you'll realize that I was right all along- that love will save us in the end.
They dot the 't's and cross the 'i's in this crazy life of mine. <I love my best friends>
I've been trying so hard, so hard to break free
But at the end of the day, your face is still haunting me
Fly as high as your wings will carry you. How else will you see the opportunities below?
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