Quotes added on Friday, December 8 2006

tell her shes amazing.. promise her you will
'kiss her in the rain. walk with her holding
hands. talk with her late at night. tickle her,
'&& then kiss her. just kiss her. she loves
the feel of your lips. hold her .. make her
feel safe. let her run and jump into your
arms. watch girly movies with her. and
wen she starts crying .. cry with her. tell
her shes perfect 'for you. just tell her you
love her. she needs to hear that
Live. Laugh. Learn. Love. LaX.
I love my boyfriend's dumbness!
&somtimes i just wish it would all STOP....
right now i feel trapped, trapped between him and my feeling...
right now i dont know exactly what i want, but i know i dont want you
I remember when... boys had cooties, teachers were your friends, lunch was about eating, celebrating holidays at school was sweet, being smart was cool, clothes didn't matter, long hair was awesome, crooked teeth were cute, principals were your pals, homework was fun, nobody wanted to go home, blondes were inteligent, brunettes were cuddly, redheads were sweet, black hair was rare, going out was outside...

right now i just want to walk out, lie in the grass and watcha the clouds go by, just to see...if anyone will come and look for me.
Why are you winking at me??
I was trying to make eyecontact with ure friend<3

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