Quotes added on Friday, December 8 2006

i can hear the music playing©
see the lights up on the tree
i can feel the joy in every soul
but for me it;s incomplete
&& i try my best to play the part
but no matter what i do
no i just dont feel like christmas
w i t h o u t y o u

--just don't feel like christmas (without you)

"i can hear the music playing"= century gothic size 12 bold && dark green
©=symbol size 12 && red
"w i t h o u t y o u"= century gothic size 10 && underlined && dark green
the rest is arial size 8 && black
"lights" is underlined
"joy is" red
"incomplete" is georgia && in italics
"play the part" is dark green
"christmas" is georgia in italics && red
center it!
b.e.s.t.f.r.e.i.n.d.s is 10 letterss
but so is l.y.i.n.g.b.i.t.c.h
&& seeing youandher
makes my put on a fake smile again
we dated and everything went fine...but i found out about her...i just wanna f o r g i v e and f o r g e t...
Dear Santa,
All i want for Christmas is....................................................................HIM!!!
If kisses were snowflakes
i would send you a blizzard this winter
I've fallen for u and can't get back up no matter how much I try!
friends are the people in life that make
you laugh a little louder, smile a
little brighter & live a little better .
b e s t f r i e n d s a r e f o r e v e r
l i v e i t u p
Drink it down ; dance wild
fall in love ; ; dress super cutee
do what you wanna do. say what
you wanna say & dont let anyone
b r i n g y o u d o w n o(c)
i still love him after all the tears i criend all the late nights wondering what i did but i still cant memories of me && him holdin hands laughin and just being us out of my mind!i need to let go but but i just cant! its like when u have a fav shirt that doesnt fit and u have to throw it away and get a new one but u love that shirt. i've tried everthing flirtin with other guys but i just cant get you out of my mind..
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