Quotes added on Friday, December 8 2006

i think about you everyday, but i have that feeling you hate me.
i dream about you evey night,but i feel your dreaming of someone else.
i see you on aim every night, but i'm just to afraid to talk to you.
i talk about you everyday, and i get on my friends nerves.
i pray every night that we'll get back together, but i know for a FACT that will NEVER happen.
i see a girl who has been through so much yet still finds a way to smile at the past. she understands that people change && everything can't always go her way. she hates arguing but she finds ways to deal with it. she hates being lonely & the only thing she wants is to be happy. thats just her
somtimes you have to forget what you need
and remember what you deserve..
im sexi ...
im hotttt...
im ...
everything ur not
u can think what u want to think, u can dream of what u want to dream, u can see want u want to see,u can hear what u want to hear,and u can say what u want to say, and u can believe what u want to beleive.....&& all i do is want to think of u, all i do is dream of u, all i want to do is see u, and all i want to hear is u saying i love you,and all i want to say is i love you 2 and all i want to believe is we will be together for ever.
and we are the girls who... can sit there and laugh about the stupidest things, take the most retarded pictures && act like we are total idiots but we love eachother that is why we are...

b e s t f r i e n d s f o r e v e r
i dont understand why boys have to break our hearts? (what my recent x-boyfriend did to me)
he said he thought i was pretty he thought i was nice but appearentley he lied about it all cause he was cheating on me.~to zack
love isent something you can buy off a shelf, you have to earn it.
Don't call me HOTT
call me beautiful
Don't call me KID
call me the love of your life
Don't say you "sure" when i say " i love you"
Say you love me and always will<3

Sorry if i don't have edits yett
but my computer is kinda messed
Just make it cute ureselfs<3
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