Quotes added on Saturday, December 9 2006

she tries not to get involved, or attatched.
she knows he leads her on
even if her heart will never accept that
her brain is more logical
why cant she let go of what they have?
when she knows he doesnt care
let go of what you think is right
follow what you know is right for you
answer to no one, be your own person
In 1911, a girl of 14 years old was pushed by her stepfather down into the chimney of her house and her heart was burned out from the flame. Tonight at 1:19am she will fall through your ceiling and steel your heart for herself.


You use this in your profile and in all of your away messages.
No matter how much he hurts you, no guy is ever worth your tears.
Dunn: This isn't the best idea ever.
Bam: Yes it is.

~~~Jackass: Number 2~~~
Knoxville: (After Bam is trapped with a snake)
"Are you crying?"
Bam: "Yeah!"
Knoxville: "Ha! Ha! Ha! Yes!"

~~~Jackass: Number Two~~~
            *    *    *   *
           *       *        *
            *              *
              *           *
                *       *
                  *   *

             ~His name here~
Knoxville: I'm Johnny Knoxville and I'm going to the moon!

Random Dude: 5...4...3..2...1...

Knoxville: Later!

                * *
               * * *
              * * * *
             * * * * * 
            * * * * * *

          MeRrY cHrIsTmAs! 

Edits~ enlarge the star on the top,make the background red and the tree green and the bottom of the tree brown.
if you follow the direnctions correctley,then it will look hot!

Christian Boy: If Santa Clause is coming to town, then who is coming to Israel?

Jewish Terd: Hanukkah Harry and Menorah Mark!

Have a Happy Holidays because those rebel terds don't like it when we say Merry Christmas.

Well...Merry Christmas to you terdstacks!
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