Quotes added on Tuesday, December 12 2006

the best time u can have is when u go to the movies with ur bestest friend in the whole wide world, and u have to hold hands because the freaky, scary leopard seal almost eats Mumble. omg, thats priceless.
of course, this is about cayley brooke lentz!
xox maria xox

!Daddy's! little Angel...^8^
*Daddy's* _little_ AthLetE

G.u.y.s are g r e a t...
every *girl's* soccer >team<
needs a /WatEr bOy\ :)
what i go thro everyday?

boy you still dont have a clueee</3
&& your still the first thing on my mind, && the most favorite thing in my heart</3
i drift away to a place, another kind of life. take away all the pain, i create my paradise
how are you gonna break my heart and then tell me you still love me?
you could gather all the boys in the world & i;d still never find one QUITE LIKE YOU
sometimes i wish you would have just told me "hey i still love HER. YOUR waisting your timee"
love means
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