Quotes added on Friday, December 15 2006

you can kick rocks and blow bubbles for all i care. you mean nothin 2 me and i mean nothin 2 u.
1 fricken candycane,2 fricken holidays,3 fricken wanna bees,4 fricken dead old trees,6 fricken old ladies,7 fricken charities,8 fricken carolers,9 fricken bald fellers,10 fricken donuts,11 fricken retarded moments,12 fricken moooootttthhhhssssssssssssssssss!!!!

thank you,thankyou!!!!
i was blown away what could i say it all seemed to make sense..your takin away everything that i can't live without

--Chris Daughtry *It's not over
(Amerian Idol Chris Daughtry)

sweet song
this is an away message

i am away now but let me tell u something
pass this message until it reaches the other side of the country(if u live in cali. pass it to the other side,nj. pass it to the others side,middle pass it up or down.)
pass it on or pay with ur life.wen u do post the results.ok?k.
i sit at the compture thinking is he ever going to come on?? will i ever talk to him over this long weekend?? but the heardest question of them is will he ever love me backk?
There's nothing i wouldn't do
To have just one more chance
To look into your eyes.<33
And see you looking back..
do i follow my heart and belive the lies
or listen to my friends and say goodbye?

.. you make it soo difficult
* i really wanna be with you<3
you have no idea how it makes me feel when
you tell me you love me and then go tell her
the same exact thing.
-then you wonder why i dont belive it.
i m too drunk.too drunk to ring.so pick me up or get me another drink.
<3 Ich leiben (boifrends name here) <3

(4 all u duds who dont no its german lol)
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