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My h.e.a.r.t had >>never<< been b r o k e |intel| the !day! .:.I.:. wasn't wItH --->You<---
$0me0ne $h0^uld $ue (di$ney w0rld) 4 tel/lin ev^er*y Lit/tle gu#rl th@t thE&re i/s @ pri*nce ch@r*mIng!!!!
There's nothing more
than just seeing your face
that makes my heart beat faster
And there's nothing more
than just listening to your sweet voice
that makes me so happy to be alive
Nothing in this world
makes me happier
than YOU.
do you ever get that feeling,
when you are around someone you love,
that nothing in the world can go wrong,
and do you ever get that feeling,
of hurt and pain,
when you find out,
that they don't love you back

***100% original***
You can't find the meaning in a dictionary,
You can't find the meaning on the internet,
There is only one place to find the meaning
of LOVE,
and that place is in our hearts.
this is what you get. this is who I am. <3
take me .now.or leave me ;;any way you can.
sometimes I trip &fall,but I know where I stand.
&if you're thinking about changing my direction,
--------don't mess with imperfection. ♥ ♥

BOLD-first line and imperfection.

*IM for edits*
Out wit ma gurlz n den back home.
Cell me.

IM me 4 cute editz ya heard? O'm alwayz on, aiight.
We love because it gives us something to hold on to:;
It reminds us that yesterday is f a r a w a y-& tomorrow is just another wish.

IM me on AmbizLe 303 for adorible editz, son.**
its the friends youve shared forever with. Theyre the people that give you phone hugs and you kiss in public and everyone thinks youre lesbians. Its the nights that youll never forget with the people that shaped your life, and in some cases, saved it.

*My best friends. Id be lost without you.
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