Quotes added on Thursday, December 21 2006

can we go back to the days our love was strong
can you tell me how a perfect love goes wrong
can yu tell me how ta get things back the way they used to be...
If you look inside a girls
HEART you’d see how
Much she really cries,
You’ll find secrets hidden,
Best friends, and lies,
But what you’ll see the
Most is how hard it is to
Stay strong when nothing
Is right… and everything’s wrong
Girls think they want a fairy tale, but I realized I don’t… I want someone who’ll make fun of me and only laugh at my funny jokes… wrestle with me and not let me win because I’m a girl… tell me off when they know I’m wrong, no matter what it will make me think. Sure riding into a sunset on the back of a white horse would be cool. But I’d rather thumb wrestle you any day
A good friend would comfort you when he rejects you; but a best friend would go up to him and say "it's because your gay isn't it?"
i cant explain this feeling
i think about it every day
and even though we've moved on
it gets so hard to

make everything b4 walk away tahoma 12 font
make walk away impact
pick cute colors!!!
"Just Be Happy Your My Blond"

*My Boyfriend Say's It To Me All The Time.*
(I Think It's Sweet)
Just because he's not the person you want him to be & you love him, doesn't mean you should let him go?
i wish we were in love,
i want to feel that feeling with you.
DiRTY BABe... see these shackles baby im your slave... u can whip me if i misbehave... take to the chorus...

go hit me go

go hit me go

*^*^i never thought i could say this but...
I LOVE U!!*^*^
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