Quotes added on Friday, December 22 2006

(name) thinks they got it all;;
But they dont;; i do;;
So BOOM with that additude;;
Peace, Punch, Captain Crunch,
I GOt somethinn you cantt touch;;
Bangg Bangg;; Cho-Cho-TRain;;
WInd me upp ill do my thangg;;
REsees Pieces 7-up Mess w// me;;
&& ill mess you uP;;

ya i <3 it. xoxo
sometimes, i lay on my bed jus thinking about all the reasons we shouldn't be together. i can never think of any.
Girl: what would you rather lose? your sight, your hearing, or your voice?
Boy: my heart. So it won't hurt when I can't see your face, when I can't hear your voice, & when I can't say I love you.
Lorelai: I am going to make out in the coat room. Don't eat my chicke.

Rory: That's going on your tombstone.

-Gilmore Girls, Season 4 Episode 13
marisa i
marisa is
marisa is a
marisa is am
marisa is ama
marisa is amaz
marisa is amazi
marisa is amazin
marisa is amazing

oh. you shold be jealous of my work of art.
true story:a little girl.beatup by father.saying:un tassle vacel .now u read this she will be at the end of your bed at 2:12 UNLESS YOU REPOST THIS MESSGE AND SHE WILL SPARE UR LIFE
love is like an earthquake;; unpredictable a little scary at times, but when the[[hard]]part is over you realize how truly luckyyou are <3
It's funny how the one person you've known soo long
Turns out to be the one you've loved the whole time
you know how much i love you
but in the end, no matter what you say
it isn't gonna change my mind
ill still love you.
Don't be scared if a fat guy in a red suit comes and takes you out of bed on christmas Eve because i told Santa all i want for Christmas is you
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