Quotes added on Saturday, December 23 2006

We Never Really Had Our Closure.
I'll hold a place for you inside
Inside my heart for you and I
I won't forget these tears I cry
With every year that passes by
I guess its gonna have to hurt
I guess im gonna have to cry
and let go of some things i loved
to get to the other side.
I guess its gonna break me down
Like falling when you try to fly
Its sad but sometimes moving on
with the rest of your life starts
with goodbye.
maybe ill see you again
maybe some time soon
this made me see that
goodbyes really are for ever
and that some times you
cant get back what you lost
She's So Angry
She Puts Her Head In Her Hands
She Sits There In Tears
She Just Doesn't Seem Understand.
She Lives The Same Day Over
But Time Still Goes On
Over And Over She Remebers
What Now Is Gone.
She Finds It So Hard
She Doesnt Want To Walk Away
She Loved Everything
For The Very First Day.
She sits in the corner sinqinq
herself to sleep, wraped in the promises
that no one seems to keep </3
3 Little Words Held Her World Together
Without Them Her Wrists Make It Better
You know you truly care
about someone when you
have to try to convince
yourself that you don't <3
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