Quotes added on Saturday, December 23 2006

she is the one that everyone goes to for help
she always has the answers. but who does she go to?
Girl: Tell me how much you love me.
Boy: Look up at the sky.
Girl: Stop changing the subject!
Boy: Just look.
(Girl looks up to the sky)
Girl: What am I doing?
Boy: Tell me how many stars are in the sky.
Girl: That's impossible.
Boy: So is explaining my love for you. <3
des-ti-ny [noun] :
a predetermined course of events considered
as something beyond human power or control. <3
Once in a lifetime . . . right in
the middle of an ordinary life
love writes a fairytale <3
once & awhile a girl gets lucky. she'll have a bestfriend & a boyfriend...but if shes really lucky, she'll find both in one person.

We mourn over yesterday
Worry about tomorrow
But somehow overlook today
& Shes just a stupid girl
who keeps her hopes
too high && he's just
a stupid boy who doesnt
notice whats right in front of him.
*:. .:* .:* *:. *:. .:* .:**:. 
.:* *:. *:. .:* .:* *:. *:. .:*
letter - by - letter
he typed sadness into
her heart .
you can't blame me;;
that guy is gorgeous. <3
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