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But I am sure that I have Always thought of
Christmas time, when it has come round ... as a
good time;; a kind, forgiving, Charitable, pleasant
time;;the only time i Know of, in the long calendar
of the year, when men and women seem by one
consent to open their shut-up hearts
-- Charles Dickens, A christmas carol
A fashion that does not reach
the Streets is not a fashion.
Let The Drama Begin '*
"the best way to behave is not to"
- abercrombie and fitch -
|o| |
| |All i want is to|
| |be the girl he |
|o|points to and |
| |says "yeah that |
| | her<3. |
| | ilove you, |
|o|theboythathasme |
| |fallingforhim. |
&& to think
i used to be the one
who made you smile
Theres cooler ways to die
As i lay there in your arms i drew the
letters "I LOVe YOU" on your back'
thinking that you weren't paying any attention,
then you looked at me & Said " i love you too"
no matter how serious life gets
you still gotta have that 1 person
who you can be [stupid] with `
i'm gonna walk on the 'beach * `
& lay in the sand, flirt with some'
surfers & and work on my tan!! `
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