Quotes added on Wednesday, December 27 2006

Friends are those people u can stay up with 'till 4:00 in the morning talking about absolutely nothing
I am out leave a message<3
answering these questions.

where am i?
What must you do?
answer what?

see how many peeps
actually answer theese lol<3
a m i r a c l e w i l l h a p p e n

make Believe/maybe light blue
rest- black underlined
love yah<3
i want to be the girl he gives his hoodie to wear
&& warms up when it's cold outside. I want him`
to put his arms around me hugging me close & whisper baby you look so [ b e a u t i f u l ] © ©' i love you. `<33

make all size ten.
girl- bold light blue
warms- reg light purple
cold- go to text then check off the box that says strike out. (should cross out ord)
hugging- italic, light green
© ©- will turn into hearts; make light pink.
I love my friends to the max. <3333
[ your friends names here ]
[ more friends names here ]
[words that describe them ]

Make i love my friends to the max- light blue, size 12.
make rest size ten.
make all arial.
all []- bold
first and last row of [] and things in them- black
middle row-light purple
got it? good<3
He's like a carcrash
Don't want to look` ;;
a© but can`t stop.a©

ohkay. got some work to do.
make the aand the sign next to it in small font (western)will turn to hearts
make first heart light purple, other light blue.
all-size ten
he's like a- black reg
carcrash- bold, light green
don't want to look-reg black
;;-light blue
but can't- black, reg
stop- underlined, light purple.
Even when i want to cry
you still make me smile<3
oh baby go crazy.</3

crazy- light green
baby- light blue
2006 Gone and Forgotten
2007 There so rotten
2008 thinks there great
2009 wheres the wine?
2010 all be saying "Do you remember when ...."
2011 go's to heaven
2012 Thinks there ready
2013 thinks they got class
2014 will kick there A$$!!!!!

represent of 2014!!-Me
It's weird how you hate school so much
but when you graduate
its all so sad
And You want to go back
to all the moments in between
Pre-k and 12th grade

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