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To give up requires no effort,only a decison
To win requires everything you've got to give.
To give up requires no effort,only a decison
To win requires everything you've got to give.
Would you be the wind to blow me home, would you be a dream on the wings of a poem, and if we were walking through a crowd, well you know I'd be proud if you'd call my name outloud.

~Out Loud by:Dispatch~
Why did you say,
" i love you baby,"
if you were going to cause me all this pain?
And now i have to go and be all cherry-blossem,
so you don't know
how much you hurt me, and how i STILL love you oh so.
see, I was always your friend.
I got to watch all these girl chase you.
Very amusing.
So now i am in a fight with my friend.
who happens to love you too.
but see, she chased you. i didn't
I don't wanna loose the best 'guy' friendship eva
for that little beotch.
And now she's telling me all these lies.
And she still thinks she has broken me.
See, i am still right. and she is still wrong.
but then i see you at the social.
getting chased.
ang your laughing and running around.
but i just thought.
you were over that.
but when worst comes to worst.
you'll finially understand and have the courage.
to come up to that girl you love,
so you can either break or take my heart.
your choice.
Why would i want to be like HER.
if you already rejected her?
look into my school you'll see girls watching there back; were the girlies arn't afraid to show how demented they are.
but ain't afraid to take your boyfriend either.
Were there's that one great couple
the king and queen
but they fall apart.
and now she broke up with him
and the queen has a chance again
but he still like the old-girlfriend
and someone new.
and so theres this neverending cycle.
we see all the sporty girls,
getting the hot sportty guys.
and then there is those sweet guys
who all there friends are freaking girls
and i guess i am one of them.
but my second job is:
having to follow all this
and when there are people who don't care
but i ain't one of them
i DO care about what people wear
but it seems like i am the only one
but now people who go to WW now know,
i do. and you probably do too.
i watched you die,
i heard you cry every night in your sleep
i was so young you should have known better than to lean on me
you never thought of anyone else you just saw your pain,
and now i cry in the middle of the night,
for the same damn thing!

--because of you by Kelly Clarkson.
Im not here .. Im there =]]
<you> hey.
<boy you like> hi (your name here)
<him> so what r u doing after school, (friend name is here)?
welcome to my lunch.
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