Quotes added on Monday, January 1 2007

remember when pluto was a planet..
those were the days ©

© - symbol make it big (:
He's all i ever think about,
He's all i wanna talk about,
He's the one that gives me that
crazyyy feeling inside,
and He's the only one that
i want to be with.
♥Babyy, I love you♥
i cant stand to see my crush with a nother woman but it is worse to see them brake up
i long for the day you come up to me and kiss me like theres no tommorow

you know who you are i think<<<<<33
two tear drops were floating down
a river. the first one asked, "who are
you from?" she replied, "i`m from a girl
whose man left her. who are you from?"
he replied, "i`m from the man who
regrets letting her go

i read that, and i thought it was the saddest thing in the woorld. :(
OK, so maybe
i didnt accomplish my 2006 new years resolution
but in 2007, i will make him mine
love is when you think about that person more times in a day than you think about yourself
it's amazing how you feel about him.
whenever you're around him, nothing
else matters. how your heart stops &
you're left breathless. & no matter how
many times he breaks your heart, he
always seems to put back the pieces
Angela: well are any of us actually safe?
Shawn: yeah virgins never die
Cory: alright.. thanks for saving me Topanga.
Eric: I'm dead.
Jack: I'm dead.
Shawn: I'm about as sick as you can get without actually dying.
-Boy Meets World

i loooovvvve boy meets world.
no matter what anyone else says. aha
"Everything happens for a reason. The hard part is figuring out what that reason is."
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