Quotes added on Friday, January 5 2007

I thought i knew you. I thought you'd be a part of me for long.
Oh why was I in a dream world when in real you were walking away from me.
You used to be my world, my best friend
But just now I see, I was nothing to you
I called you when you weren't home
And told someone to tell you to call me back
I waited, but you never called back
One day I told you I loved you
I waited, you never told me how you felt
And one small letter changed what we used to be
Now we're appart, now we're THROUGH!
Boy you mean nothing to me
Hi, hello is what I say
Every morning each and everyday
When I see you, I feel very shy
But not when I'm with another guy

What should I say, what should I do
Is what I think when I'm with you
Why do I always look else where
When you're just right there

I don't know why I ignor you
I know it's hard to believe but yes it's true
Why do I think about you all the time
Do you mean anything special in my mind
I feel like never seeing you
When I am around you
I am really heart broken
And really chokin
And this is how I fell
About you, when I am around you

You are unforgettable to me
But you are difficult to understand
This year you seem to have changed
And that is why I fell heart broken

I can't concentrate at home
I can't concentrate at school
I can't concentrate anywhere
Except when I am alone

I came to ask you a question
But you didn't give me a resolution
Why did I waste my time
When all you did was say "FINE!!"

You made my life miserable
Uncontrollable, but forgivable
Are there any excuses for the games you play
And for all the lies that you say

That is all I can say
For there, there was no way
You would love me
So I gave up for eternity
You told me you'll always be here for me
You said we'd be together till the end
You wrote to me that we are best friends and will always be
You told me i can confront you no matter what :
that's what I did and you trough me away.
You made me feel like I can do anything
Taught me how to be brave
Forgave me if I hurt your feelings
But boy, now why won't you forgive me?
I did a mistake, I apologized
But you pushed me away
In just a second, while I take
My whole life trying to forget you
My bigest mistake was to love you
If you told me, you'd never make me cry,
Why am I crying at night thinking about you?
If you told me, you'd always make me smile,
Why don't I smile when I think of you?
If you told me, you'd always be there for me,
Why don't I see your hand reaching out for me?
If you told me, I'd always be in your heart,
Why did you throw me out after what I did?
If you forgave me all these years,
Why didn't you forgive me for what I did last month?
When I said "I love you", you said "I don't know",
Why didn't you tell me straight away "No"?
I would have been better off without knowing you,
But now that I know you it's realy hard to erase the good times I had with you and to erase YOU.
What she got that i dont have
does she fill in those s p a c e s that i left you
does the scent of regret ever Haunt you?

**Not mind, my friend made it for me
Band aids cover up the marks, but the pain never goes away
Sometimes you have to put the walls up
not to keep people //out//
but to see **who** will knock them >>down<<
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