Quotes added on Sunday, January 7 2007

yOu NeVeR kNo HoW iT fEeLs WhEn SoMeOnE iS mIsSiN..... bUt WhEn ThEyRe NoT tHeRe FoReVeR!! iTs LiKe yOu NeVeR kNoW hOw QuIcK tHeYrE gOnE
you should never say "NO" to a person that u would think that your gonna spend your life with... because you kno wat i learned my lesson... Just remember wen you do say no think about that person and everything... you gonna start to think "y didnt i do it".. or "mann i totally regret myself for sayin no!" but i know your gonna regret it but is it worth that CONQUENCES???????? !~!~!~!~!~!~tHiNk AbOuT iT!~!~!~!~!~!~
hey wat r u doin... im jus bored and all to peices and everything........ but neways u think im here but guess wat `IM SLEEPIN` or something else :D so yea GET OVER tha FACT that IM not HERE!!!!

~!~~!!Lv it 4 l8rs aka MUCH MUCH MUCH L8R~!~~!!
Don't Hate The Game!!
Hate The PLAYER!!!
you're jealous. you're not us.
loveee you girlss <3
Don't say forever. You don't mean it.
I want you, but im not giving in this time.

-michelle branch. goodbye to you.<3
You truly don't realize what you had until its gone. </3
Hate me or adore me.. you think I care?
I'm me. you can deal.
u wouldn't understand y i do it u probley think i am crazy he is just a guy but he rocks my world and i miss him and i need him but all i can say is u are now the reason for this razor blade Cut acrossed my wrist

4 some gurl who took my man that she knew i loved and sayz we are best friends
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