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Pop your collar.
Here i go.
scream my lungs out tryin to get to you.
you are my only one.
->yellow card
Lorelai: Come on. We'll drink a couple beers, we'll sing painting songs!
Luke: Painting songs?
Lorelai: Yeah, painting songs like, um, you know, the song that goes:
Grab your brush and grab your rollers, all you kids and all you bowlers - We're going paintin' today!
Say yes or there's another verse!
Luke: Well, I guess maybe if I had help.
Taylor: Really? Oh my God! That's wonderful! Hurrah!
Luke: Taylor, it's not for you, it's for me.
Taylor: I can't wait to tell the rest of the committee, they're not going to believe this!
Luke: I hate that he's pleased.
Lorelai: Ahh, you'll drop a gum wrapper on the street in front of his store later.
Luke: Yeah, good idea!

Yep- that is why i am obsessed with Gilmore Girls!!!
Lorelai: (about the code to Emily's panic room) All right, give me the code, Mom, and I will keep it safe.
Emily: Okay. Are you ready?
Lorelai: Pen is poised.
Emily: 1-1-1-1-1.
Lorelai: Is that the code it came with?
Emily: Well, I don't know how to change it. The men were supposed to show me, and now it's the code I'm stuck with! Did you write it down?
Lorelai: Barring an aneurysm, I think I'll remember it.
Emily: Well, factor in an aneurysm and write it down! This is important.
Lorelai: Okay, I'm writing it down. 1-1-1-1-1.
Emily: Don't say it out loud!
Lorelai: Oh, um...."our football team is really great, we won, won, won, won, won!"
Emily: Everything's a joke.

gilmore girs is the best <3
Dean: Chicken or beef?
Rory: What?
Dean: Wait, beef. Of course, beef. I mean, the two of you are definitely beef. I mean, not like you resemble beef or anything.

Rory and DEan forever!!
Lorelai: Oh, I can't stop drinking the coffee. I stop drinking coffee, I stop doing the standing and walking and the words putting-into-sentence doing.

---Gilmore Girls---
Definitley the best show ever!!!
A Phone call to "him"
You: OH Gawd Oh Gawd Oh Gawd
You: Ehhh ahhh uhhh
You: I can't do this. I can't do this
Him: Hello?

Then you call him back

Love is a funny game isnt it???
theres only one time when you regret saying those three words to that one guy...when he says wait...huh...what??? rite after
by back aches my bra too tight my booty shakes from left to right. my hands up high my feet down low. thats the way we get it low.

^im for supaa cute edits<3
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