Quotes added on Tuesday, January 9 2007

make it look hot with really bold print in black white and pink =]
dont be scared if when u touch me I melt
The s p a c e s between my fingers
Are meant to be filled with [[yours]]
*Star Light*
*Star Bright*
Where The Flipping Heck Is Mr. Right?
I believe in [[angels]]
The kind that heaven sends
I'm surrounded by [[angels]]
But I call them my >best friends<
i love you so much and yet i wish i never met you, i know that i will never have you so whats the point of writing your name all over my homework and classwork....i look at you and i think oh my god i love him so much if onli he knew and then i realize that we will never be...and i can deal with that at times and others i just feel like i can cry, i just wish i never met u so i wouldnt have these feelings about you anymore bc i love u some much and it kills me to see that u dont feel the same way so im just gonna save my breath and not say i love you anymore...even tho i know im gonna...
i wish i could get over him....but its hard when i dont want to see his face, but i see it every day..
His name came up
on the caller id

my heart jumped
my adrenalin pumping

Hello I said
in my cheery fashion

I loved to talk
the phone was my passion

But his vocie told me
something was wrong

He studdered for
so very long

finally he took a
deep breath and
he said those four words
"we need to talk"
the most horrible
words to someones ears

He paused
then he played

we are compatible
and you are so fine
its nothing you did
the problem is mine
babyy im in love
&& right about now;;

1st line: georgia italics suze 8 && black
2nd line : arial size 8 && black
3rd line: impact suze 12 && black
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