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Love Is Not Blind, Love Is Seeing Someones Imperfections And Not Caring About That
so i guess its official, i guess youve actually moved on. And dont get me wrong; i have too.But i will always love you, because you were there first and you always will be my first. ubt im done crying over you, over wat was a year ago. i miss you, and i'll miss you SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO much more when you leave in May...A promise is a promise JRD, remember that. Dont leave without saying goodbye

i love you...
The other day my teacher asked me how to spell friendship and i said::::

(friends name spelled here)

(could also substitute friendship for love and write ur SOS's name)
i shouldn't love you
but i want you.
i just can't turn away.
i shouldnt see you...
but i can't move.
i can't look away..</3
--jesse mccartney
you'd better make up your mind, boy.
because i'm not going to wait around for you like a FOOL.</3
i believe we share this thing called CHEMISTRY.
[the really really good kind. <333]
Miranda: lets get a restraining order against tom together
Tom: u cant. u dont live w/ me
Me: yeah i do
Tom: U DO?
Me: yeah i sleep under the bed'
Tom: thats creepy. i wake up in the middle of the nite and my beds shaking
Miranda: what are u doing under there?
Me: I lied, abby lives under ur bed

haha fun at ccd
scene: a mysterious sunny day. there is a barn in the background and a chicken coop and 35 chickens w/ one eye
Farmer walks in and starts to feed the chickens. Considering he doesnt feed them enough, the chickens get extremely irritated. They chase the farmer w/ numchucks in their wings.. The farmer gets brutally beaten by the cyclops chickens and they take over the farm.
The End

lmao yeahh jenny and courtney good times in spanish class lol
Cara: In
Me: Out
Lizet: Ow
Cara: well thats wat i call a quick fix

hahahha lmao good times in the elevator
Sketchy Elvin Biawh the First is my best friend!
lol yeahh jenny fun time in spanish!!
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