Quotes added on Sunday, January 14 2007

Just be yourself
&& if people dont like it
...well screw them
People say I'm d i f f e r e n t
And I j u s t say thank you
Because to me it's a p p a r e n t
There are plenty of f a k e s in this world
Because of this its c a ta s t r o p h y
Its about time we had some o r i g i n a l i t y
I'd rather be [[hated]]
For who I [[am]]
Than loved<33 for who I am [[not]]
Here's to the; girls && silly cries.
Here's to the; boys && telling lies.
Making out && getting caught.
All the things that we've been taught.
Drinking * parties * crazy nights.
Searching for our mr. right.
Holding it down to the end; sisters&&friends. <3
so * maybe * we're
not soul mates
* maybe * we're
not meant to be
* maybe * we're not like
two peas in a pod
&& * maybe * we
aren't the perfect couple
but * maybe *...
* maybe * we are <33
I didn't fall in love with you
because of your d r o p d e a d gorgeous eyes.
I fell for what was behind them. <3
friends aren't supposed to
get jealous when you meet
a new guy; they're supposed
to ask if he has a brother! <3
Because no matter what anyone tells you;
There is someone out there
Who was made
Just to wake up beside you * every * morning
&& tell you you're the most
B e a u t i f u l girl in this world
Be my weekend lover<3;
Be my spur of the moment c r u s h.
I want you like a [[bad]] habit;
But I'm just not * good * enough.
He took her by her shoulders;
Held her in front of a mirror;
&& w h i s p e r e d in her ear;
"Why can't you see what I see?"
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