Quotes added on Tuesday, January 16 2007

Roses are red, violets are blue!
A face like yours belongs in the zoo!
Don't be sad, ill be there too.
Not in a cage, but laughing at you!!

tell me why you told me you liked me
then you call me & tell me
you found someone else?
you told you me loved me
but yet your with someone else
all i had to say i hope your
happy because she wont love you
like i lovedddd you
When you are feeling down and like nobody loves you, that you are all alone, remember that, God loves you. He sent his only begotten Son to die for you. He choose YOU to come into this world! So, remember this because YOU ARE SPECIAL, let no one tell you different.
God made you, God makes no mistakes.
There he is. There is THAT boy. The one who is one every page of my notebook, the one I think about when I am awak and when I sleep, the one that I wish I could be with...The one that doesn't know my name...
I wish I could just say, 'I love you! I want you! I need you!'...But you have to learn my name first.
My head starts pounding, my hands fill with sweat, my heart goes BOOM BOOM, then my eyes meet the boy I want.
The cheering of the crowd quites down
Heartbeats get louder
Tension grows
The stillness in the air makes you concentrate
Sign is given
Prayers flow through the air
And then...
...The first pitch is thrown.
STRENGHT lies in the mind of a CHAMPION
you have always been there, even wen you dont know what to say....and sometimes, not saying anything is the best thing to say. Youre my best friend, and i dont know wat we're gonna do this summer when you leave. i'd be lost without you.

i have been blessed to call you friend
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