Quotes added on Wednesday, January 17 2007

I dont remember why i fell in love with you.

You broke my heart, im still in deepy love.
You tore me apart, but yet im still here.
You told me to simply let go, but yet im holding on.
baby boy you kno i love you
but do you kno what you mean to me
i never thought that you could love me
the way you do but why can't i be with you
its because of her your "girlfirend" what is she to you nothing you think you love her you don't no body our age even knows what love is yea sure you say you love her but you DON'T
this girlsz seen a lot of pain
but this girls gunna smile :
again x33
a wise girl kisses but doesnt love
listens but doesn't believe and '
leaves before she is left x33
-- Marilyn Monroe
dreams last for so long
even after you're gone
i know you love me '
And soon i know you /
will see you were ment
for me and i was ment'
and i was ment for you
-- Jewel <3
Laugh your heart out : dance in the rain;;
cherish the moment . ignore the pain__*
live ;; laugh;; love [] forgive and forget
lifes to short to be living with regrets <3
when you are the one, the one that
lies close to me & whispers "hello,
i've missed you quite terribly." i fell
in love, in love with you sudddenly.
that there's no place else i could be
b u t h e r e i n y o u r a r m s <3
but the struggles make you stronger
and the changes make you wise & happiness
has its own way of taking its sweet time. life isnt
always beautiful; but it's a beautiful ride
there is never a wish better
then this, when you only got
a hundred years to live.
who said who said
i can't be superman
i say i say that i know i can...
you ain't seen nothin yet
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