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by:avril lavigne
" Nobody's Home"

... "she wants to go home, but nobodys home, thats where she lies..broken inside..with no place to goooo, no place to go...to dry her eyes..BROKEN INSIDE....
thrown into the dark
into the depth of the sea
my innocense is lost
never to return to me
i sit here empty
my mind a mess
this cold empty body
has no one to caress
where are you
you said youd be here
alone i am
no one is near
use me as you will
ill still come back to you
as sad as it sounds
those words are so true
the times that went by that we where so close are the times i will never for get i miss the way you would look at me in my eyes and i kno everything will be okay why can't we go back to the way things where before you started going out with her i just wish you could understand how i feel
you could never tell who i really was or who i was with or gettingwith but baby i need you
Since I've known you,
I've respected you,
Since I've respected you,
I've loved you.

Because you are gone,
I will now love your spirit.
Your voice speaking to me as a child,
forever rings through my soul.

Seeing you so tired, I asked you to go.
I never thought you would listen to me.
You always had a mind of your own,
but now I am happy because you are at peace.

It makes my heart soar to think
you could be dancing with grandpa,
dancing in the stars.

Thank you grandma for caring for me.
Thank you grandma for listening to me.
I will cherish you forever,
and you will always live in me.
That he was near to you
so many a year
But darkens you distress.
Would you he were
less worthy and less dear
That you might grieve the less?

He was a golden font
that freely poured
What goldenly endures,
And though that font be gone,
its bounty stored
and treasured,
Still is yours.
The pastor was talking to a group of young children about being good and going to heaven. At the end of his talk, he asked, "Where do you want to go?"
"Heaven!" Suzy cried out.
"And what do you have to be to get there?" asked the preacher.
"Six feet under!", yelled Little Johnny.
our love is like lucky charms compared to everyone elses cheerios
Can you see Uranus from Mianus?
-» Johnny Knoxville // Jackass
Ape: What are you doing to the yard?!
Bam: We're digging a hole.
Ape: Why?!
Bam: Phil has to mow the lawn today. He's gonna fall in that hole, we're gonna film it from up on that roof. It's gonna be perfect!
*April stands there looking shocked*
Bam: CHILL OUT! LOOK! We're saving all the good grass right here! We can put it back over it, no one will even notice!!
-» Jackass
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