Quotes added on Friday, January 19 2007

my love for you is like a song.
You're everything to me.
You're my better half.
Baby you save me.
I get carried away.
I never wanna say goodbye.
I must stickwitu forever.
We belong together.
dedekated too Garrett Andrew <3
His arms wrapped around her. The look in their eyes, fingers linked together, theres no seperated the too of the. He looked at her, whispered in her ear, "You are so beautiful, and Im never letting you go" and then kissed her. They were completely in love.

**Make it Cutee.
You told me forever, but baby forever doesnt mean you being with another girl, holding hands with her, u let me go, i think u should know, the forever u promised me was forever ago.

(Dont really like it but idk)

**IM me on InMemoryOfU1216 if u want more.
&& one day you'll find me
in the pouring rain screaming
she cries her life is like
some movie ~black~ and ~white~
out of all the people i've ever meet
your the only one who makes me draw
those silly hearts on my paper.
So we're Crazy
together we [[ party ]] together we cry
kept every single - secret - &&
covered every single lie. becuz were
[[Best F r i e n d s]] till the day we die!
[Intials here]
My horns hold up my Halo .. Whats yuo exscuse ?
Do you believe in love at first site
or do i have to walk by again?
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