Quotes added on Friday, January 19 2007

She plays the same song over
just because it reminds her of you.
im not sure glue can fix it this time </3
Take a chance.
because you never know
how perfect something could be.
smiles are like bandaids
they can cover up the pain
but it still hurts
When life gets you
ill help you

make >?<= Wingdings 3
i hope you know...
My feelings havent changed.
If he were a movie..
you'd be the right guy.
Just when you think he's out of your head........
.........he comes back in w/ a splitting headache

all mine!!! im for edits
I'm sorry for the pain i caused
I'm sorry for the tears i made you cry
I'm sorry for the lies i told
I'm sorry that I'm not perfect
I'm sorry that I'm not pretty
I'm sorry for not being there when I said I would
I'm sorry for causing so much trouble
I'm sorry for always doing the wrong thing
I'm sorry I'm a failure to you
but i can't help being me.
Im sorry

A million words wont bring you back, I know because I have tryed. Neither will a million tears, I know because I have cryed.
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