Quotes added on Sunday, January 21 2007

true love is the kind you cant feel,
the kind you hide so deep inside that you wait for that special moment to let it all out,
just as shes about to leave you,
which tells her you still want her around
the only way to know if you truly love her,

is when everytime you hear her voice,

you know thats the last voice youll ever hear
tell her you lover her every day,

but dont just say it show her you mean it,

then she'll never walk away,

and your hearts will always fit
when you find that special someone,
tell your friends,
so they can shoot you,
for making that dumass mistake,
that makes your heart shatter,
once you realize wat youve done
you can tell if your in love,

when you stab your heart,

only to find out he was there to stop you
us nolife people will stick together!

would you like an apple pie with that...

ha ha.
Felicia best friends forever and ever x infinity!!!!
The only person you can REALLY depend on?
y o u r s e l f.
roses are red
some skittles are green
you mess with my friends i'll start a bigg scene!!!

{{ friends Initials}}
they say love is blind...but they never said it was deaf.so yell your lungs out
When you think that no one can replace him
and suddenly everything falls apart...
just remember its his lost, cause i am the koolest chick around
Then your gonna find someone better.
no pain, no gain.
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