Quotes added on Wednesday, January 24 2007

They say nothing lasts forever, but I didn't believe it true. But you've always been determined to prove me wrong, so my hat goes off to you.
She always thought he was the only one that mattered until she realized he didn't care. On that day, she learned life's greatest lesson: the only one that mattered was her all along.
both of us wanna be the winner but there can only be one
so i'm gonna attack gonna give it my all
gonna make you fall gonna sock it to you
thats right put your pom-poms down gettin everyboy fought up
I am muted.
I am alone.
I am stuck up in this world.
All on my own.

Days go by.
And weeks quickly pass.
I don't know how much longer.
I can last.

No one to trust.
No one to hold.
These lies that are said.
Quickly get old.

So I take the gun.
Put it to my head.
Say my goodbyes.
and now i am dead.
& even though
she's been through everything
she's still trying
to hold on
and not fall
into her fears
i never knew i could live without you.
i realize i cant..every time i see you.
If it wasnt mean to hurt..they wouldnt call them crushes.
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